The Network Innovations’ MAVERICK VSAT service is a “Turn Key” satellite communication service, is based on our line of Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) solution of services. MAVERICK offers flexibility and economy due to the use of efficient state of the art satellite technology  The highly scalable, flexible and efficient multiservice IP-based platform is equipped with Newtec’s new return link technology – Cross Dimensional Multiple Access (Mx-DMA). This combines the flexibility of MF-TDMA and the efficiency of SCPC, ensuring that operators are always using the most optimal modulation and bandwidth allocation.

•True Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
•State of the art coding and modulation technology
•Multiple link technologies; MF-TDMA, SCPC, Mx-DMA
•Guaranteed Bit Rates
•Acceleration/Optimization/Content Filtering

•24/7 Monitoring
•Flexible contract terms
•Bandwidth on Demand services
•On Demand service plan changes

​•Global Teleport Locations