The first commercially available flat-panel, electronically-steered antenna from Kymeta available in the US from NIC4 (a Division of Network Innovations Group) delivering satellite connectivity where it’s never been before.

​NIC4 (a Division of Network Innovations Group) announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Kymeta  allowing NIC4 to officially provide Kymeta™  products and services to United States Government agencies, organizations, and teams. Kymeta KyWay™ terminals will form a valuable addition to NIC4’s portfolio of dedicated and reliable satellite communication and connectivity solutions.

Known for developing tailored communication solutions, NIC4’s trusted reputation providing mission critical communication solutions to the US Government contributes an exceptional level of expertise to the partnership.  NIC4’s highly trained team, strong industry relationships, and access to a global network of industry professionals expand Kymeta’s access to an ever-growing solutions portfolio that optimizes US Government objectives keeping teams connected anywhere.

The Kymeta KyWay terminal features an innovative electronically-steered, flat-panel Ku-band antenna. The slim and lightweight profile makes it easy to install in a variety of mobility settings, such as interoperable, hybrid communications for remote and command center teams. The KyWay terminal has no moving parts, simplifying maintenance, and eliminates much of the cost and infrastructure required by traditional VSAT antennas.

NIC4, Inc. Partners with Kymeta Corporation to Deliver US Government Sectors On-The-Move Broadband Satellite Connectivity 


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